check out my random playing on the track demo 1 or any other u want

and yes i know i am a guitar noob and have been playing for 3-4 months and want to know what u think about some of my songs i just put up today
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i listened to demo 1.

I heard some noises before the first chord came in. not a big deal, and ignored it mostly, but it sounded unintentional. Second, the sliding between chords sounded a little off or unintentional as well, but i could be mistaken.

And about the song. i like your layering. Your issue with this is that the guitar that plays a single chord, and then the rhythmic one chord is too loud, IMO. I like the little chord progression and melody in the other guitar, but the other guitar outshines it a little bit much. Also, the guitars' tones blend together too much when one is playing a lead and the other rhythm. I like to distinguish between the two, personally, and its ok if you like them together i just feel like as a "noob", there's much mixing you can do. As for the song, i like it, it seems original and is has a good melody to it while still being a hard rock song. Are there vocals on the track? I think some whisper in it, but i couldn't tell... at 1:32 there's what seems to be an off-note thrown in, one thats outside the scale at least, and IMO it sounded a little out there compared to a mostly good, basic song. In the outro there's a part at like, 1:51 where another lead comes in and it sounds jumbled for a second. Occasionally the lead will just sound out of time, but that can be easily fixed. You could use a drum loop too and maybe a bass, if you have the ability to add these

Its good and creative, and with practice and rerecording, it could come out well

check mine out please

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Well, the vocals are very low. I dont know what your recording with, but the guitars sound pretty thin and sometimes seem a bit out of time. Maybe try to record it again. A little bit more practice would benefit it, Maybe try to EQ the 2 guitars a bit different too, they sound very similar. I also dont think I hear a bass. It seems like it would be a good song, just needs a bit more work gone into recording it.

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yeah there is a whisper on the track... sorry about that but my singing is just too horrible to have to have the good people at ultimate-guitar listen to
Well first of all: USE A FREAKIN METRENOME! lol sorry but if you want the song to sound more professional, you need to stay in time, and you'll need to use a metronome to do this.

Second: The very quiet singing really bothered me. Either make it full volume vocals, or take it out.

Other than that, the song was decent. The riffs were rather generic, but you've only been playing four months so it's not like they're gonna be great or anything. And the guitar tone wasn't horrible, but it could definetely be better. Get a Roland Micro Cube, that should help you out with that problem.

Keep it up, you'll get better!
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I couldn't really tell what the singing was saying, the guitar was completely drowning it out. And in some parts, your timing seemed off. But, it had a good tune, and I liked the layering you did of the guitars. I think maybe if you either took out or made louder the singing it would make a big difference. And, a metronome is a good thing to have, if you want it to sound more in sync. Overall, though, I liked it.
o lol... i might just take out the singing... didnt know it would bother people!!!

and yeah im just playing with a squire start up kit but hope to get better gear come christmas time
what do u think the ideal tempo would be? i cant seem to find the right one
pretty good for 3 or 4 months just starting out playing IMO... it sounds like a line 6 spider amp.. which hurts my ears greatly. i like the rythm but please use alittle less distortion if your going to play rythm. and if your going to play a solo make sure the volume is higher for the solo.
thanks and its a fender bullet 150

and yeah i had the gain up to 10 for the rhythm a bit much eh?