This is pretty good stuff. The riffs are very catchy, and everything really works when you guys are rocking out. The quieter moments are kind of iffy though; I can tell that the singer has a lot of potential, but I feel like he's holding back in some way, and I feel like the lyrics are kind of weak. I don't have problem with the message of the lyrics, it's just that you say very similar things in all of the songs. But still, this is fun and occasionally uplifting rock with a lot of potential, so keep up the good work.

Could you crit mine? The link is in my sig. Thanks.
thanx man...i appreciate the constructive criticism. we're a fairly new band (almost have a year together). we're working on newer stuff that has deeper lyrics, more creative music, and just overall (in our opinion) better. we're looking into getting lessons for our singer. he has a tendency to get naisly at times.
thanx for the input man.

anybody else have and thoughts????