First I thought you made a thread about The Day That Never Comes,
Then I thought it's a totally new leaked song.

this will just get closed, the song is alright, but to mainstream and greedy lars destroyed it with to loud of drums.
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I heard the one from Ozzfest on Sirius. I thought it sucked. St Anger all over again.
what the hell was that?
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Quote by al112987
oh well, metallica sucks anyway.

Quote by Le_Bunny
Money doesn't fuel good music. Passion does.

Quote by al112987
oh well, metallica sucks anyway.

They need to go back to their roots
I absolutely <33 Metallica :].
Anyone can like them, their song range goes from soft to heavy.

and METALLICAZG you're in the wrong section... But the new song is great