Gibson Thunderbrid IV:Neck-through construction, a nine-ply walnut and mahogany neck with mahogany wings, tone knobs have chrome inserts, strap button is at the neck heel, pearl-like dot inlays, 80% alloy and %20 sliver frets. With a price tag of $1924 USD it's overpriced.

Epiphone: Alder body, bolt-on maple neck, strap button is at the upper horn, white dot inlays, black tone knobs, $300 USD

Gibson Studio:same as gibson IV except it has a set neck construction and mahogany body and mahogany neck, different headstock, non-three-point bridge(it has a fender-type of bridge). It is overpriced($1154 USD) but not obnoxiously overpriced as the "real" thunderbird.

EDIT: Gibsons has a nitrocellulose finsh and the Epiphone has a polyurethane finsh. Also, the Gibsons are made in america and the epiphone is made in china.
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