Sometimes I see in vids people play the c chord shape up high on the neck.

I do this sometimes with the d shape, and the barred e maj & a minor shapes

I tried it a few times with c and it sounds wrong. What is this chord? I'm probably missing something simple or hitting an open string I shouldn't or its position-dependent (only works at a certain place due to the open string still being in the right key)
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try this shape,


thats a D chord using the "c shape"

you can move that up and down the fret board easily

Theres just the usual barre chord shape.
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Might be these chords, I could be wrong

|--0---------| This one is the back half of a barred A I use it a lot it sounds great

|--0---------| This one goes well with the last chord.

If you just mess around with those two positions all over the neck you'll figure out which one to use at what spot.
I hope I helped a little.