I realize I might be shooting complete blanks with this one, but:

Has anyone had an opportunity to DIRECTLY compare a Soldano Decatone with a Diezel Einstein???

I've compared an SLO side by side with a VH4, and I've compared my Decatone side by side with a Herbert, but I've never even seen an Einstein in person. I ask because I recently found out that the Einstein can be modded to allow the three modes of channel 1 to be footswitchable, therefore making it operate as a 4 channel amp for all intents and purposes. I absolutely require at least 3 channels in my present circumstances and I use an OD up front to obtain myriad distortion characteristics.

The only three issues I have with the Decatone are: the effects loop mix all the way wet still bleeds a tiny bit of the dry signal through; the amp only has the one loop, so if you set it for parallel operation you can't switch it to a serial loop without reaching around to the back and turning the knob; and finally I use the third channel for both rhythm and lead tones and it's a compromise between finding the ideal setting for either one.

On paper, the Einstein looks like it could solve these (admittedly minor) issues. It has both a serial and parallel loop, and the second channel has it's own settings which could be used for a lead tone while leaving the rhythm stuff for the three modes of channel 1.

I should probably note that I LOVE my Decatone. The clean channel alone is worth the cost of entry, and the other two channels only make it better. The Einstein gets a lot of praise for having thick, well rounded tones reminiscent of the purest of single channel amps, as well as the compressed high gain tones that Diezel is known for. I'd like to have both the Decatone and the Einstein, but I absolutely can not afford to have both of them.

Also, the Einstein is smaller and would probably bring the proportions of my rig to a more visually pleasing level if it was sitting on top of my rack case versus the Decatone which hangs over on either side by about half an inch.

Anyone with experience directly comparing the two, please let me know what you think. Anyone else, your insights will be appreciated.
ESP LTD EC-256 and a Fender Deluxe VM