I've had a DOD Grunge ever since I started playing. It's really a tank and gets me some of the stuff I want (good crunch with double stops, makes pinch harmonics sound great) but seems a little harsh when playing single note riffs. Even with the grunge setting all the way down it makes me sound like Kurt Cobain. Also, it's a little loud (hum/buzz).

Right now I'm playing a lot of coheed and cambria covers, and I love their distortion if you have any suggestions. Thanks
Digitech Metal Master, Boss Metal Zone, etc...

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I've got one of those Zoom 505 II Pedals and they are spectacular because you can create your own distortion patches. They shouldn't be that expensive, either.
get a OD pedal to push your disto. channel harder on your classic 30. it should work great.
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Don't go with the Zoom, it is an evolutionary step back from the Dod Grunge. Go with the Metal Zone.