I've got a Standard Fender P-Bass, and I'm looking to upgrade it a bit since it's pretty low-end.

I know I want a maple Warmouth neck, but could someone help me out with the measurements and such? I'd like to get a Jazz Bass neck with a vintage tint, basically.

Would I get the standard neck or an angled neck? What kind of wood is usually used as the neck and fretboard?

Sorry if this is all over the place, I've never replaced a neck before.
I almost bought a strat neck from warmoth and i do know that you can choose the type of wood for the neck and fretboard. I think rosewood and maple were the cheapest, and everything else was very expensive.
necks are usually made from maple with either a maple or rosewood fretboard, the fretboard is pretty much preference as is the number of frets, as for the mesurements, you should be able to find the specs just by looking up your bass, I'd go for the standard headstock rather than the angled one, but I don't think it makes much difference
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Also: You need to pay extra for the nut, fret wire, etc.
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Also: You need to pay extra for the nut, fret wire, etc.

Ah, really? So how much do you think it would cost for a maple J-bass neck, maple fretboard, vintage, tint and all that when it's said and done?