I got a used mim 60th anniversary strat off of ebay about a year ago. I was surfing around online and haven't seen any off white ones like mine, they are all a silver pearl color, it makes me wonder if i have an anniversary neck on a different body. The saddles say fender on them. Does anybody have an idea of how i can find out what exactly my guitar is?
Post a picture, but they did do some colors like you are describing for a limited time only.
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Are you sure it's a 60th? Fender Strat's only been around for 54 years.

Um, nope. Fender was started in 1946

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sorry cant post a pic, dont have a camera that works with my computer. it is a 60th its got a emblem on the back of the headstock, i just found a review that says he got his in red so maybe it is all stock
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1946 that makes it 62 years.

I was looking on Wikipedia (I know, I know...) and it said 1954, so I just went by that.
That doesn't necasarilly mean it is a 60th Edition though. My Mexican Standard also has the emblem on the head stock.

They made a model that im pretty sure was just a mexican standard in special colors that they also called the 60th anniversay strat.
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I was looking on Wikipedia (I know, I know...) and it said 1954, so I just went by that.

On my Fender timeline it says the Stratocaster was introduced in 1954. Fender was indeed started in 1946.

Never trust Wikipedia
it has a metal thing on the back of headstock that has 60 in a diamond. who knows what it is, it plays awesome, thats all that really matters
ok thats cool, thanks for the info. which ever it is its a fun one to play. i used to hate strats til i played one, they are amazing
Im just after buying a brand new Fender Classic Player 60's strat for half the price. Well happy with it. Love fenders, but prefere the older jap fenders, tokai's and bacchus. It will do for now.