I know you can buy packs that give you more amps etc to use on the Line 6 modules, but my m8 told me you can download them for free from places.

Is that true ?


even if you could download it, you'd need to hack your pod XT to connect to your computer in a way that you'd be able to write those files to it.

just buy the pack.. its a whole $50. :P
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each are $50. i've only bought the metal pack since i don't use much FX or "vintage" tones..

once inawhile they have deals on where you can get all 3 packs for 99$

it might not SEEM worthwhile since you paying out 50$ for somethings thats NOT really there.. but with the sounds you can get, they are actually quite worthwhile. Just do a little research on the model packs first to see that its what you really want.

and if you think about it, 50$ is what it costs for a behringer stompbox. which is far less valuable than some extra Pod XT functionality.
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i bought this thing with the intention of playing bone crushing metal (not jus normal distortion rock and hard rock)and i regret buying it. I want a shread tone and i did not get the awesome metal shop amp models. i am not purcasing the model packs because i think it is extortion and robbery. when u buy other pedals such as the boss gt8or digitech gnx u get a pretty useable product with a decent distortion setting. i know a million reviews praise pod xt for its coveted tone but i rather endorse the gt8 and the gnx cause u get multiple distortion pedal models WHICH U DONT GET ON THE POD
even out of the box you can get good metal tones. you might have to spend more time figuring it out.
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It's a great unit. It's a tweaker though. play around with the parametric EQ and stuff like that.
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