Hii, I want to get a new distortion pedal, i've been looking at the BOSS DS-2 Turbo Distortion...

Just wanted to ask what people thought of it?
Better than the MT-2?
Hell no i would go with the boss mt-2 instead. The boss t-ds is way to noisy once you get in to the turbo distortion section and it is not as verstile as the boss mt-2.
honestly distortion is the most basic effect.. if you have the money go for a better pedal but if you still don't have everything you need, save your money your pedal is fine..
DS-2 really isn't that noisy, if you use a strat, just put your pup selector on 2 or 4 to make it less noisy (could be the fault of my crap guitar), haven't really played it with humbuckers so couldn't say that... All I've heard is that the MT-2 really sucks. Honestly, the DS-2 can give you some dist, even heavy overdrive, but it's not immediately a metal pedal, so looking at your username, I don't think you will be able to use it, because it can go heavy, but I wouldn't dare to say it will handle metallica...
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Ohh i don't just play Metallica :p.
And i think it might be able to handle a few metallica songs.. :].

You have a DS-2.. XD.
What's your opinion on it?
frankly, i have to say that boss distortion is horrible. i think any digital distortion is bad because it sounds really fake. it has no authentic distortion tone and it sounds really lacking in body and strength. just use amp distortion. if you dont like you're amp distortion, you bought the wrong amp.
i think the ds-2 is better. however, i'd recommend the metal muff or the mxr distortion instead
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