I need help, I practice my playing every day but I am still at the same point as I was a loong time ago, I can't seem to get any better.

And whenever I try to improvise solos I always try to find notes that sound good together but they never do, I need new techniques to learn, please help.
what style of music do you play
if its any form of metal
then i cant help you
Learning the pentatonic scale helped me a LOT. You can move it around the fretboard and play it anywhere, it is the basis of most rock solos.
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do you know the modes? if you know those it can really make your solos a lot better and less boring....
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...sounds like music to me
I play my own style but if i had to call it a genre it would be metal or blues..
Stuff like SRV, Jimi Hendrix, Dave Mustaine, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai
About improving solos, you wanna know what kind of solos your looking for and get the right techniques down for it.

Learning the appropiate scales that sound best with that type of music, how often you use, or if you at all use hammer-ons, pull-offs, same for pinch harmonics, how fast you play etc.

I improvise alot of metal solos so I tend to work on warming and improving my alternate picking, tremello picking, pinch harmonics, string skipping and a simple scales.

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Quote by risflave
I don't know any scales and I don't know how to learn them

Then that's your problem. Without scales, you're just taking shots in the dark. A new technique to learn to help you make solos where the notes sound good together?

Learn a ****ing scale.