This time, there is no ****ty solo, because there is no solo at all. The end doesn't really fit as much as I though at first even though it is just a faster version of another section. It is also one of the few times I use two guitar tracks in completely different tunings and it is kind of middle eastern sounding I guess. I will say that like some of the stuff I write, It drags on for a bit longer than it should.

I really like how it's got that Middle Eastern, Egyptian type sound to it. The drums are very tribal sounding and the bass and rhythm compliment it nicely. The only weird part is the part where it hits the 7th fret. Just kind of not the right note to hit in that lick.

The 7/8 time signiture is a cool switch up. The riff is kind of a creepy vibe to it, but still keeps the flow of the song.

Bar 49
Great way to make the song even heavier. the 7/4 time signiture is pretty cool. It's awesome that you kept the same vibe of the song too. Only regret is that it didn't last longer. The pause at the end was a little long too.

Bar 71
I don't really like this part of the song. It's just kind of a weird riff and doesn't sound too good. Though, once it hits bar 87 it sounds awesome. Just sounds bad with a clean sound. Bar 87 is nice and heavy and improves the riff. Track 2's lick for it is kind of weird though.
It's weird because it's kind of like... not in a scale. I'm all for escaping scales, but this just really sound too good. It goes lower... and sounds worse. The first bar of the riff is nice and the second bar is okay, the third bar is bleh, the last bar is good.

Bar 95
I like the time signature change here too, but its kind of weird. The octaves or whatever they are don't really fit in the riff.

Overall, I'd say it's kind of short and I think you should use the heavier parts more often in the song. The clean parts sound cool, but sound even cooler when complimented with the heavy guitar riffs. It's got a lot of potential, keep working on it.

Crit 4 Crit