So the other day I got given an effects pedal. (Zoom G2.1u)
And I have plugged it into my mac using USB and i am having some issues with latency when recording. ( I am using logic express 8 if that helps)
When i play and I am not recording, it is fine, i can hear myself straight away, but when i record with a metronome, the recorded signal is almost a whole second out of sync with the metronome.
So my question is, is there anything I can do to solve this problem?
Thanks in advance.
i also have the zoom, and i use garageband. I don't actually know why that happens sometimes, but i have two theories...

first, i usually just unplug the g2.1u, plug it back in, and hope it works better. I usually only do this if there is a weird buzzing noise though, and replugging it in usually takes care of this

second, and i think this is probably the issue with yours, you need two things; first, you shoule be using external speakers/phones, out of the output/phones jack on the zoom. if your using the mac speakers (turning on the monitor in garageband, i don't know in logic), there usually will be feedback or delay. In garageband, there's a setting that is for minimum delay by a smaller buffer size, and the other setting is for a big buffer size, which delays but allows for more tracks to play. I'm sure there's some way to select a small buffer size in logic, both being mac products. Once this setting is selected somehow, you probably want to playback as few instruments as possible. if you have multiple tracks, you should probably mute all tracks but the drums and maybe one or two others.

IN CONCLUSION...using garageband, i don't exactly know how to change these settings on logic. but it should help you find out what you're looking for - small buffer size for fewer tracks and minimum delay. sorry if that was too wordy lol. if you look in garageband-->preferences, assuming you have the application, you see the tab for audio/midi.. the setting is in there. i hope this helped

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Yeah I sometimes get that buzzing sound too.
I am using the the output on the pedal also.
I will have a mess around with the settings now.,
Thanks very much for your feedback.