This is a quick guitar cover i recorded. Its a 6 string version of the song (standard tuning). Check it out on my profile.

Its a bit slower than the killer original song (215bpm instead of 232) cause its way to fast for me. And yeah, I'm missing the sweeps cause i cant sweep

If anyone is interested in adding vocals to it, ill send you the file.

More than critique.... please ENJOY! (and rate it)

Thank You UG.
IMO you should of just dropped your guitar into 7 string tuning, but besides that it sounds pretty good.
Yeah i know, but that ****s the string tension and they get way way too loose to play at that speed, my pick chokes on the low E all the time. A 7strings would be the solution! haha but i would have to learn the song again :s

Thanks for your comment, please rate it!