Well my birthday is coming up, (and what sucks is that school starts on my b-day D:, )
and im basically set on getting a multi-effects pedal from boss. However, im looking for a good hybrid of tone and cost. I mean im getting them off of ebay. Im basically in a pickle. I know that i would get a better result by buying individual pedals, but in the long run that can be expensive. So i thought that i would start with a multi-fx and buy the pedals that the multi-effects suck at. However, im not sure what to go with, the me series, or the gt series.

I can find a gt-6 for $200, and a gt-8 for maybe $275-300.
I can also find a me-20 for maybe $150, and a me-50 for $200
I manly am into rock, and ska, so i need the effects to be good for those styles.

So in fact im guessing that the me-20 just sucks XD. But these are the questions i need answered:
1. Which one is the best overall of these 4?
2. Which one is the worst?
3. Which one is the best hybrid.

Now i am going to test them, but since i can't test every effect, i would like to know how they hold up overall, rather then on just every effect. Thank you for reading my very long post, and i really need help on this, because my birthday is on aug. 25th, so i need to know.

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Hey man, I have the me-50 and its just fantastic for its price, its not to complicated either, it'd be like having a bunch of individual pedals/stompboxes, no menu surfing

What guitar and amp do you have?

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well my amp is just a simple peavey blazer 158, i mean its a good amp for my needs, not too complicated, which is also kinda bad. In fact thats kinda why im even worrying about the gt series, because ive heard that it does a little amp modeling, if im correct. Because i started from what i needed, and im working my way back to what i want to upgrade. First i got a simple intermediate ibanez guitar. Its not bad, its pretty good for my needs. After that, i decided to work towards the effects, and thats what im getting, and hopefully by christmas i'll have the money to buy the rest of my quality equipment. But how's the tone compared compared to the gt-8. Ive heard that the me-50 has crappy tone.
The GT-8 is far more configurable and have more FX and more simultaneous FX then the ME-50. The ME-50 is meant to emulate individual stompboxes. The GT-8 includes amp/cab modeling. The GT-8 has SPDIF output and is good for recording straight into the computer. Although you need a sound card with coax SPDIF input to take advantage of the all digital record path. They can be had for $30.

I wouldn't rule out the Digitech RP 350 or 250 as they have USB connectivity to the computer for recording and preset editing. And they have a rhythm machine, which is an important practice tool. Another nice unit that can be had cheap on eBay is the GNX3 ($100-$150). Add another $50 for a smartmedia card and $30 for USB midi cable and you have a multifx unit with built in 8 track recorder/looper.

I have both a GNX3 and a X3 Live, and had the GT-8. I like the X3 Live better than the GNX3, but the 8 Track recorder on the GNX3 gets lots of use. Plus the GNX3 has a rhythm machine.

If I could find a good deal I'd love to have a GNX4. The GNX4 not only has an 8 Track recorder, but also a MIDI playback. So you can put midi backing tracks right on the unit. Plus the GNX4 has USB connectivity.
I love my ME-50, having so many parameters mapped to hard knobs instead of burying them into layers of hidden menu settings makes it so instant and I love just sitting in front of it and tweaking knobs and tweaking out. I haven't heard the ME-20 or the GT series but there's definitely no issues with getting a good tone from the ME-50 (though your ears and ability to rotate knobs may vary) .