Ok guys, so im fairly new to the whole "Amp head and Cab" mix and match game. Im usually used to play combo amps, but i got a Crate Flexwave 120 Halfie, and i must say, It turns some heads, But it also got me thinking, and now i have a few questions...

1. Ok, so this one is kinda a dumb question. I know you can use different brand Heads with Cabs (i.e. Peavey 6505 with a Marshal, etc) But, is there any real drawbacks to doing that?

2. A Question about wattage. Say i have a 300W head. If i were to get (I know they dont make 150W Cabs, but you get the point) two cabs with 150W handling, could I hook them up to that one head?

3. Same question as 2, but flipped. Could i run two 100W heads on a 200W Cab?

4. Which came first, the Chicken or the Egg? Seriously...

5. Peavey 6505+ or Line 6 Vetta III Head? (If you could give reason, Pros Cons, etc. This is for future reference should i look to expand my Gear)

I know, alot of questions, Noob questions at that, but everyone has to start somewhere. Hopefully ill get the nice people that seem to be on this website to help out.

Thanks guys! Rock on!
1. Yeah, go ahead. Usually amp manufacturers tend to tweak things so their amps so they work best with their own cabinets but it doesn't really matter. Everybody and their grandmother uses the Marshall 1960 and it works

and Marshall made the 4x12" cabinet the size it is because thats what size of wood he had available in his shop in the late 70s, there were no acoustic reasons at all

2. Yes, hook them up in series/parallel and you'll get 300W power handling total. Just make sure the impedance matches whatever the amp can handle.

3. You'll have to wire it in stereo, but yes (some people say this sometimes has strage results when running both amps at the same time)

4. Egg

5. Well how much versatility do you need?
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1. fine
2. like he ^ said
3. like he ^ said
4. chicken
5. Peavey

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Well, im mostly gonna be playing Metalcore/Metal, but i dont want the same over and over again, because if thats the only setting the Amp can have, then theres no real diversity. Thats why i thought Line 6, because theyre really good with sound, but i also heard nothing but great things about the 6505+

And about the "Hook them up in series/parallel" Could you explain that a bit? Im more of a player as compared to a Tech manager
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But, what laid the egg?
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3. Same question as 2, but flipped. Could i run two 100W heads on a 200W Cab?

Yes but you would need an A/B/Y box to play them both simultaneously
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The T-Rex? Shows how much i slept in Biology class, haha

Seljer, answer!! I need what might possibly be your all-knowing wisdom about whether the Peavey or Line 6 would be better for my play style. (Well, i suppose anyone could answer that, but no one has yet, heheh.
I think the Peavey 5150/6505 sounds like a mess of gain. But then again, I'm not a metal player.

I can't speak on the Vetta, never tried it.
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The 5150 is the Cab correct? im too damn lazy to go check, im currently reading the worlds funniest thread.

---------> https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=701629&page=1&pp=20&highlight=burned+so+badly

its the same amp, just older name/number for it

it was built as the Van Halen signature amp, called it the 5150 as Eddie apparently has a fondness of the number (police code for an escaped mental patient ....and they did an album and song called 5150)

then Van Halen went away from Peavey, they kept the amp and renamed it into the 6505
I see

So what it think im gonna do (When i get the $$$) Is get the 6505+, and have it spread across to Cabs, if i can find some thatll meet the wattage. Itll still be same volume, just the sounds spread out, correct?

And if you have a cab that has more wattage then the head, would it work, or would it just be waisted Watts??
you should be getting a cab rated for more watts than your head.

some people here will tell you that you don't need to but its always safe too. I've heard many accounts of smoked speakers and cranked amps.
ok, so buy a Cab with over 300W (which is what the 6505+ is, i believe) Then buy the 6505+ Then play like no tomorrow, correct?

If so, i do believe i have a certain Line 6 cab i would like to purchase.

Thanks for the help guys!!