I was wondering if anyone could suggest a decent les paul copy? I can spend up to around $750.
you might be able to snag a used edwards for $750 if your lucky
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get a cheap marshall... my MG15DFX has a button that simulates the sound of one of the expensive tube marshall amps.
why do you want a copy vs. an original

750 would get you a top line Epiphone, or a decent used Gibson

Tokai does have some nice ones, but again if you want a Les Paul, get the real deal

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Agiles are good, normally have some nice, unusual features, and are quite inexpensive. Reviews around here seem to be good, altho they are online only.
Epiphone Prophecy... Epiphone Elitist... Epiphone Les Paul Ultra... Tokai, Edwards, Burny, MIJ Epiphones, Hagstrom, ESP, PRS - all of these companies make Les Paul copies, although some of them might not be exact enough for your tastes (like ESP, Hagstrom and PRS)

Personally I think the ESP, Hagstrom and PRS copies are ugly mostly because they change the cutaway's size, making it too big or too small instead of just right as the LP is.
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I am one of those who prefer a LP copy infront of original. Some copys are as good as the real ones and cheaper, and I don't really want to support Gibson 'cuz they're so overpriced.

I'd take an Greco, Hagström, Tokai over an Gibson anyday.

Altough I have an Gibson SG, which I'm goin' to sell as soon I find a better guitar
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Edwards, a used ESP, Tokai, used Greco, all come to mind as solid choices.


burny, orville/epiphone japan too... all those MIJ copies are bound to be worth a look.
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