okay i really need a new amp the one i have is total sh*t and my guitar teacher has one of these its very nice. i play a lot of stuff like anything from pop punk to real heavy metal and shred so i need a lot of tonal options hence im likely not to go tube. i was gonna buy one of these and either get a decent sized SS amp or (hopefully) a powered cab so as not to mess up my tone. wat do you think good idea or fail?

P.S. this is the X3 LIVE not the XT LIVE theres actually a big difference oh and no pointless flaming of Line 6...
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What's a "powered cab"? A combo? You can use the X3 with a PA or keyboard amp. Any flat response amp/speaker setup is OK with something like the X3 because the X3 has all the amp and cab modeling built in. That's why the X3 makes a great unit for recording straight into the computer via USB.

If you are going to go with a guitar amp then why not a tube? I use my X3 with a Classic 30. You just need to be aware that the tone through any guitar amp is not going to be the same as the recorded tone, or the tone through a PA.
my pod is amazing

and if you want to play through an amp just turn off the amp cab modeling
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Pod x3 are awsome whitout any colored tone. But into my traynor its awsome because my speaker really make it shine :P

Well Pod x3 are pretty badass.
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All the pods have modeling thats what they are. The various amp types you can select are the models.
I'm going tomorrow to check out the X3. Hopefully they'll have a Vj to try it with. My XT Live is outstanding through my Vj. To date I've plugged it into 22 different SS amps and direct into 2 PA's and a power mixer. None sound better then the Vj. You may want to give it a try before you disregard a tube amp with a POD.
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What, you mean how like, one is bass and one is guitar? Lol.

pod x3 live ( i own one YES) got bass , guitar and vocal presets..
So it can does pretty much
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Anyway, i'm not entirely sure about the X3, because it doesnt look like it's got modelling
Nope, it has amp and cabinet modeling.
The Pod XT Live, imo, is just as good!
I mean, from my point of view, the X3 is only a slightly updated version, and most settings can be found on the XT.
The XT will be cheaper.
And also, without getting TOO technical, the buttons on the XT Live appear to be easier to stamp on than the X3 version!
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