I wanted to add a pickup ring to my guitar. I was told by my teacher that it wouldnt work because my guitar (Yamaha Pacifica) is not made to have them. The pickup rings she showed me, to be applied, would either have to raise my action to nearly unplayable heights or to do some extreme drilling. I've looked at pickup rings and I've found some that look like they would fit.

This one is what I'm looking at. The same company makes a taller one that looks exactly like what my teacher tried onto my guitar. Seriously, I have no clue.


Heres the link to the ring. Shouldn't this fit on my guitar with some minor drilling or not? I seriously need some help on this.

Thanks in advance.
I don't see why you need a pickup ring on a Pacifica, anyway. The whole purpose of the pickup ring is to either hold the pickup in place in the absence of a pickguard or to hold the pickup parallel to the strings, usually on a Gibson or other guitars with a neck angle.
I dont care about it's purpose, I like them because it's a nice accessory and looks cool. Either way, I dont think I'll be able to get a new guitar soon, so I'm going to make the best of it.