read the title
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i tried googling it to no success. apparently sweetwater has run adds saying "coming soon."
i cant wait.
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Chea_man is the best.
Sweetwater is taking orders for it (it was last time I checked)
I think someone on here had ordered one from Sweetwater, and I think he said they had informed him that they would start shipping them out later this year(later this year meaning between September and November). This is just what I heard, so just be aware that what I heard could have been wrong haha.

Edit: Weird, I just looked on Sweetwater and they don't appear to have any mention of it. Could that mean there was a delay in production or there was some sort of flaw with the design of the amp?
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A reviewer on Amazon.com reviewing an album by the band "HiM", said that HiM is "fag metal".
Can someone explain to me what is this sub genre of fag metal? I have never heard it before.
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I was on Sweetwater a couple days ago and could find it.
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i preordered it. first one actually to order it. woot. then it kept getting pushed back. looks like the new release date, according to my sales associate, is Oct 6th. same day i get out of the military. sweet little present.
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the head is 300, right?
Yeah, i'm interested in these too.
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I'm def gonna get one when I have the moniez. Could use a 15 watt head, though I wish it had spring reverb instead of DSP.