You can have sex from 9 years old in Mexico? You have to be married to have sex in Morocco?

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You can have sex from 9 years old in Mexico? You have to be married to have sex in Morocco?

you don't have sex from, you have sex with
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I'm surprised you returned to this thread after cheeseman owned you.
its also to help avoid having huge paedo problems... think about it

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Well pit, I'm going to Mexico! (It actually looks more like 12 then 9, to me at least).
No-one can really tell you when you can legally have sex, it depends on sexual maturity, which is completely different for everyone.
I find it more interesting that you were looking this up. Trying to score low, are we?

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"She looked 9 to me..."

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most of the US is 16, but california is 18. damn
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Wow TS, this is a seriously great, original idea.

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Yeah, it looks like 12 to me. In Yemen, it's 9...
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lololololol that was epic andyd93. you just made my day

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You can have sex from 9 years old in Mexico?

Yeah, that's definitely 12 year old.
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yes it looks like 12, and I think it is. also, in canada, milk comes in bags and the age of consent changes from province to province. before (6 months ago), it used to be 14 in ontario, but too many old pedos came from the states to score with our young girls, so now it's 16, though if you're witihin 3 years of age you can have sex with who ever (ie. 16 and 13 or older can hook up, 17 with 14 and older, 18 with 15 and older)
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That map is pretty wrong.

For most of the US, it's 18, with a few allowing 16 and fewer allowing younger than that.

And you have to think about places with lower limits in terms of how long they're expected to live, not in terms of how many of them are sick, twisted pervs like in the US.
Ughh. 18 here.

But then again, who actually follows that law?
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