Hey, it's been a longtime since I last posted here, anyway here's my problem: during the summer most of my band's members were on holiday, and the main decsion makers are the rhythm guitarist and I, the R. guitarist was in France for a month and during this month, a friend of mine said that he played piano, I played with him a bit and made a stupid mistake by telling him he could join the band, without asking the other guitarist, the guitarist, last week met with me and the piano player and him and I agreed that we'd have to get rid of him for the following reasons:

1) he's very young (13) and we plan on playing a few gigs next year in pubs and so and where I live you have to be atleast 15/16

2) He's inexperienced, plays mostly classical stuff when he plays with his teacher, he cannot play any rock songs and cannot solo or do anything complicated

3) along side being young he's also a bit inmature and he doesn't take everything seriously enough, he gets boored sometimes when we practice and he messes up quite a bit, he has some very bad defects and gives up easily

there are a few more minor reasons but these are the most important, we or should I say "I" have to tell him that he is out of the band, it's gna be hard coz I just told him he could join and I'm a friend of hism here's whatr I thought I'd tell him:

"hey, unfortunatly me and the other band-members think that your too young and too inexperienced to stay in the band, maybe sometime in the future we can reconsider you joining but for the moment your too young, sorry"

-Is this okay like this? I'm guessing that if h gets mad, he wouldn't be a very good friend, could anyone here help me out please and give me a few tips/advice??

tl;dr: I really hope you read the whole thing, it has some important details but here's the deal: I let someone join the band, he's not serious enough and he's too young, we need to fire him, any help??

any help would be much apreciated.

-The DefROCKed Nuns.
Say what you plan on saying, if he gets mad then say 'Oit! ****! Leave!' and roundhouse kick him
nothing like this is easy you just have to do it man, whats even harder is getting a serious answer on these forums anyomore
Quote by ubtguitarist
nothing like this is easy you just have to do it man, whats even harder is getting a serious answer on these forums anyomore

thew only forum I've visited lately was the pit so MOST answers are good for me lol, but seriously I need some help/comforting, kind of hopin that slacker or axemanchris answer.
dude you could be like "hey we need to talk the whole band (assuming youve discussed this and come to an agreement with your band) and i were discussing and tho you have potential and are right now somehwat good at playing we thought about and nothing personal but we decided that we need someone older and soemone much much more experienced we are very sorry"

or soemhting like that
but i know how you feel man my band made me fire our singer
Well we had the same problem, it was just me actually, the band employed a keyboardist but he was a classical piano player with the same style as your friend but he was our age. The problem was I wanted to go a completely different direction to everyone else in the band. But if you want him to leave just say "We are looking for a different musical style and we can't think of a way to fit a piano into the music we want to play" or "The band says they find it difficult working with a pianist and they said they would rather have a standard band because that is how they want to play" Or something like that could work. thats what i said but i ended up leaving that band anyway =P
You are about to become a man. Honestly, sacking someone is probably one of the hardest things you'll ever have to do.
So it's important to get it right.
The best and easiest way is simply to tell him the truth, tell him that you screwed up, you asked him to join the band without speaking to the band about it first and that it's your fault that you now have to 'let him go.' (don't say 'fired' or 'sacked' or 'kicked' because they are negative terms)
Tell him that you are extremely sorry for putting him and yourself in this awkward situation and you hope that he can forgive you for screwing up so royaly and that you can remain friends and possibly work together some time in the future.

That way, he'll know it's not his fault that any of this has happened, he'll know that you're getting grief from the rest of your band and he'll appreciate your honesty and probably back out graciously, all without actualy mentioning his age or musical ability.
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