Yo. I'm writing this song for a girl I know that's leaving for school soon.
I'm not really looking for a crit though.

I need help, really really last minute help. Like, within a few days.
I want to put a drum beat on this too but I don't know how to tab out drums on GP.

So if anyone just wants to help me out and put their own beat on it, that'd be great, it doesn't have to be complicated or anything, just need something to keep the beat.

If anyone could help me out, It'd mean soooooooooo much to me. x] Thanks.
Hey, I've had a go at doing the drums, let me know if you like them or want me to change them.

By the way great song, I really like it .
A2 w drums.zip
Hope to have helped.
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Wow guys. Thanks so much.
Really, this means so much to me. :]

I ended up mixing and matching so I used a hybrid of all of the ones you guys sent me. :]
And I kept the bassline, bloodshed. I liked it. :]