Hello, My name is Deandre Paul i live in Jamaica queens new york. Ive been playing guitar for about 3.5-4 years, and im into Rock/Metal i am good at Creating Riffs and i am currently Studying to be a Studio SOund engineer So i am good with expiramenting with sounds. Im looking for a band with alot of experience Musically and has atleast 1 drummer 1 bassist 1 guitarist.. Also i am willing to Create a Band , however only if i find the people to create it with, it doesnt matter to me. I Play Rythem and lead, So i can Play whatever is needed.


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Cell: 347 229 4307
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nooooooo way i live in Queens Village, NY. same musical tastes too. Not in a band though but always wanted to start one. i've only been playing for a year though.but i doubt you'll have any luck with people in Queens, deys all bez gangstas
Yeah I kno I hate it. Maby i could work with you get u up to speed or something., we shoudl set up something
i'd really like to dude, but im moving out to college in a week. by the way, did you go to van buren
Damn good luck with that then, i hear that schools even worse than where i used to go. but still, even in van we had a couple of bands and talented musicians so keep posting up stuff like this and try to meet people in other high schools
yeah im a senior so im graduating next year its really bad im trying to get out i want to move to florida alot out there i love being out there
im from woodside couple blocks from the 61st stop on the 7train.i have played for 8 months i think i know all the chords. ever since my first day playing, i hung out in guitar center and learned bass and piano. trying drums, not working.im going to 11th, im 17, don't drive, i skate and im lookin for a band. as for musical i like lupe feisco,system,nas and chili peppers i want more new songs with zack de la rocha cant wait for metalicas record.i expect G'NR's record to be a big flop and was one of thouse to get radioheads album free from there site
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