I'm confused. I'm looking through this one website called ukcd.com and it says that Carnifex is playing a show on the 23rd at the Camden Underworld.
So I'm like hmm, didn't see that on their myspace. So I go to their myspace to check it out. And nope, they aren't playing a show that day.
So is this website false? Cuz if they are playing, i;m going.

(For reference: ukcd.com event and carnifex myspace)
Yeah Carnifex are on the Never Say Die tour, I'm pretty certain it's around that time.
Other bands on are Despised Icon, Architects, Protest The Hero, Whitechapel and one or two others i can't remember off the top of my head

the other two are Parkway Drive and Unearth

EDIT 2: they're not at underworld, but there's a London date on there

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yeah i saw that one. the never say die tour hits london on november 15th. therefore that's not it. so im confused