Haven't been posting in this thread forever, but I am going to try to start more again :P (be expecting a thrash song in a couple days).

Anyways, this is a new melodic death/black metal song I recently finished.

Drums aren't perfect, but I mainly just copy pasted them because I am not going to make every fill and cymbal hit unique in a damn GP file :P.

Hails, C4C .
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Very cool! I like the intro. It's kinda eerie especially when the timpani comes in!
The riff the guitar plays when it comes in is pretty sweet too!
I'm assuming during the bridge there will be death growls in the little silent spaces, if so then that's neat!
Chorus is fairly catchy. It feels like there could have been more rhythm guitar going on to fill it up more, it felt a bit empty.
Then back to the sweet guitar riff.
Then goes into the symphonic/acoustic section, sweet!
I like the dramatic hold thing. Then the next riff is sweet as well.
I like the strings going along with the chorus this time.
Good ending, it was really good! Great job on it!
Overall, it seems like there could have been a whole lot more done to make it seem more "full", but other than that it was great!

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I liked the acoustic interlude at ~ bar 80. However, I really didn't like the timpani pattern at the beginning. Tri-p-let da doesn't sound good unless you switch it up here and there, IMO.

here's mine
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Thanks for the crit, appreciate it.
The main lead riff was quite good tbh, but i disliked how it kept repeating.
you could try throwing a variation here and there, but it wont be a problem
if you plan on having vocals on this song.

The drums were nothing special at all. sorry.

The acoustic part was excellent in my opinion.

overall, this is quite a good song.
deffinately not my style, but great anyway.

9/10 keep it up!
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The intro was very atmospheric, and helped build up to the song well. The first guitar riff was good, but the repetition of it through the verses got a bit boring. However, it's one of those things that vocals would be able to easily fix.
Back to the intro guitar - When the whole band kicked it, it kind of felt like there was something missing. Maybe if you brough the strings back in it could make it feel fuller.
The chorus was good, no corrections there.
And one last point - when it finished it kind of felt like an anti-climax, because it had built up well and would incorporate a solo well.

But, overall I liked it, so 8/10.

Crit my melodeath?

Or thrash?
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Pretty nice, even thought im not a huge fan of this kind of music.. verse-part is the best
cool synth intro! The drums in the beginning sound epic. Reminds me of the theme song to terminator or something haha. Verse riff is sick, very melodeath, very headbangable. Good transition to the acoustic section.

Maybe some harmonies here and there would be a good addition, that's really the only thing I can think of. Great job otherwise!

Mine's the link in my sig, crit when you get a chance! Thanks.
Eh, I seem to be going against the grain here.

The intro was nice, although the timpani needed some variation. Unfortunately, that's all that was nice about this song. You completely killed the buildup by dropping the instruments like that. Not only that, but it lead into over repeated, boring, and generic melodeath/metalcore riffs, followed by an unnecessary bridge which in turn gave way to an uninspiring chorus. The acoustic part was okay, and the dramatic hold didn't really do anything.

Sorry if this came out harsh, but really, this song has been seen before many times. And, this isn't black metal in any form or fashion. It's not a bad song, but there's not much merit to be found throughout, and nothing to redeem it. But hell, this is my opinion. Take it how you will.