So i just bought four new pedals and I am having some trouble. I have an mxr ten band eq, a boss chromatic tuner pedal, a bbe green screamer and a rocktron hush pedal. Currently I have my signal from my guitar going into the eq then to the tuner then to the green scramer then to the hush then to my amp. But i have heard that i should run my eq and hush pedal into my effects loop. When i tried that it effected my tone horribly. I dont know if it was something I was doing wrong or what. I had the a cable going from the input jack to the send jack on the back of my amp and the output jack going to the recieve jack on my amp. So is that the correct way to do this or am I completly wrong. If I'm doing it right then could it be my effects loop tube? I have a B52AT212 amp and a Schecter C-1 Hellraiser. Also, im still getting some weird feedback even with the hush on, any reasons why. Would it be worth it to return the hush and get a decimator or is the hush a good pedal? Thanks for all the help that you all can give me!
1) You dont have an FX loop tube
2) You are connecting the FX loop up properly.
3) The only way to know for sure is to try different combinations of pedals and some in the loop etc to see what works best

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someone correct me if im wrong (no experience with this amp) but arent most loops simply SEND->pedals->RECEIVE?