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Hi All, I have just uploaded my first TAB and realised that I posted the author as Joaquin Rodrigo instead of Federico Moreno Torroba. Can I change/delete the incorrect TAB and reupload with correct info?
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Ya, go into your profile, into "my contributions" and then go into the tab for tabs(:P) and hit the u! which allows you to update the tab.

However, to be honest, this sounds to me like a careless copypasta'
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Thanks jimmy_neutron, I'll try that. BTW I am no 'copypasta', the TAB is unique to the internet...
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um I don't know if you can update the names. I had a problem like that so I PMed Dyuha or whatever his name is and he fixed it for me
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Yeah I think you'll have to PM Dyuha to change the name of an accepted tab.