Okay well I was working on this about a half a year ago. But I finally decided to finish it. I think it turned out alright. Let me know what you think.
It's my first power metal.

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Any chick that can dance with a walrus to Michael Jackson songs is hot in my book.

So far Intro is amazing.

I am liking the blast beat-ish parts in it, unique.

Same with the riff after it. Same with the next one..

At 65, awesome Keyboard stuff. Wow, amazing stop out of nowhere and it worked really well..

o_o.. Solo? Hard to tell sometimes :P. But yes, I can tell now that this is indeed a solo, and an amazing one at that, nice little whammy bar tricks and trills.

Really, the whole song is just amazing.

This is literally some of the sweetest power metal I've heard (then again I'm not a big fan of the genre), very Dragonforce-y.

10/10, C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=941499
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Thanks I critted yours back as well =].
And ya, this was pretty much heavily influenced by dragonforce. (I was obsessed with them at the time of starting this lol)
Quote by Rockford_rocks
Any chick that can dance with a walrus to Michael Jackson songs is hot in my book.
Lol, the intro screams DragonForce from the very first note. Actually, the whole song reminded me of them . Not that that's necessarily a bad thing lol, just some people wouldn't like it *cough*prejudicialbastards*cough* . I myself enjoy them time to time, and I enjoyed this song, too.

One thing that I wish you'd do is label the parts . Kinda hard to tell which part is which.

Okay, aside from that, as I've said, I like this. Intro (ms 3-10) was great, but I wish you'd repeat it (or did you? not sure), not just doing the random ultra-fast shred. Y'know, repeat in latter sections of the song or whatever.

Aside from that, the rest of the song was pretty bland. It wasn't bad, just that nothing too interesting was present, no twist, no parts stood out, etc. But considering you were trying to write something DF-ish, that wasn't much of a problem . I just suggest that you give a variation here and there, not just using fast rhythm ALL the time.

So, for a DF type of song, you passed. But for a power metal song, you're not quite there yet, imo. See, power metal relies heavily on melody, and yours wasn't that strong, unfortunately. DF is not the epitome of power metal! lol. Not saying that they're bad (far from it!) but they aren't the best power metallers either. If you're interested to what constitutes a great power metal song, check out songs by Edguy (especially their epics), Sonata Arctica, or Galneryus.

Anyway, despite everything, it was a nice listen . C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=885471