Is there any particular way in adjusting them? I do the whole pencil/bridge thing, where you stick the pencil in and it'll come out easy if tension is right, but is there any way to do the springs in the back? Or do I just twist both of the screws a little till it's good?
I think for setting up a floyd a lot of it depends on your preference of how you want it set. Other than that, just make sure it isn't sinking into the cavity/body of the guitar. Twisting in the screws will increase the tension on the springs, pulling the bridge back. Only do this if you feel that the bridge is lifted too far. Also, if you're going to increase the tension on the bridge, you might want to loosen the strings a bit or something.
I know that whole shpiel, what I'm wondering about is the plate with the screws and springs, the one attaching the springs to the body. Does it have to be a certain way? Does it have to be parrallel to the body or something like that?