So I'm taking AP music theory this year. But I haven't yet and I need help transposing a song. My teacher emailed me a version and said we'd do a better one at my next lesson, but I kinda wanna try something now.

The chords are C# D# G# and E#m

Or just a capo on the first fret and all of those chords.

That's just a little bit out of my singing range. So I want to transpose it down a step, but still have the jangly high sound of open chords. He quickly transposed it to A B E and C#m with a capo on the third fret, but can someone give me a different way of doing it.

Actually. does this even make sense? Going down a step, but making it sound higher?
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You could put the capo on the first fret and play A B E and C#m, that would be a full step down from where it was.
Sorry, I meant play those shapes but with a capo on the first fret instead of the third. That would move it a full step down.
Quote by Artemis Entreri
isn't that 2 steps down. Because the A B E and C#m is a step down.

C# D# G# and E#m
Step down from C# -> B
Step down from D# ->C#
Step down from G#->F#
Step down from E# ->D#m
What you described is a Major 3rd (2 whole steps) down.