Ok... Everbody has lists of the greatest songs, but what about the catchy ones you can't get out of your head

mines californication, bulls on parade, can't stop, and seven nation army
usually i get really bored of the catchy song

one song i can never get tired of is "careful with that axe, eugene"
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i got tribute stuck in my head.
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i got tribute stuck in my head.

he's not asking what's stuck in your head, he's asking what song will you never get tired of.

small change - dispatch

faded from the winter - iron and wine

anything by mr beam actually i still haven't gotten tired of, after about 500 plays.

anything tool too.
Given to Fly- Pearl Jam
Beyond the Wheel- Soundgarden
Dragonfly- Clutch
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Blew, Big Cheese, Old Age, Sappy - Nirvana

Sorry, I've been listening to way too much Nirvana lately
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wish you were here pink floyd


In fact I just put it on before I clicked on this thread.

Also, Everlong - Foo Fighters, Walkie Talkie Man - Steriogram, The Future Freaks Me Out - Motion City Soundtrack.
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Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)- Beatles

Really brings out the pop!!
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Them Bones - Alice in Chains, I love the solo.
Demon Cleaner - Kyuss, love the riff
Fiction Plane - Two Sisters, gooood song