Chorus// There use to be, a melody, a fantasy, that i beleived. oh there use to be a frightened me, but now i see , nothing can scare me. ohhhhh there use to be___.

verse- I lay in bed, thoughts run through my head, dont understand why im such a stupid kid, i feel the pain, feel so ashamed. Cant leave this place..... EWWWW EWWW EWWWWWWW OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH yahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


Verse- A light in the closet, i see a dark black faded object, a demon scares me in the nighht, how can i be so afraid with my nightlite. i begin to shake uncontrolably, i puke up chunks, and start to scream this.......


Verse- Under my bed here growls and grrs and i said SHUTUP!!! to the evil one, u cant contol me nowwww yahhhhhhhh. its quite quite true.... ue.. ueeeee... trueeeeee...


Verse - i here the evil one say... oh "there use to be little one" mu hahahahahahahahahahah yah__________________ yah