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too bad the number of the devil is 616

...according to one source. In reality, it's unclear which one it is.
666 is also the number that opens Marcellus Wallace's briefcase.
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The number of the devil, if one is to exist, is 0.
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I'll logic you right in the thyroid.

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Well, according to Maiden, it is the number of the Beast...

Yep, I saw the title then the song started playing in my head. lol
Anyone enlighten me as to the 616 vs 666 argument?
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The number of the devil, if one is to exist, is 0.

Like Hell it is,(pun) it would be -26. I don't like that number, obvious sign of the devil.

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I think it would be -0, or 1/∞ or those exotic numbers...

-0 isn't exotic in the least.
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i gotta say, that article was pretty enlightening, though there is a religious metaphor not mentioned in the article. some people, probably more along the lines of theologists and religious leaders rather than historians, believe that the is very figuretive. the idea is that 7 is the perfect number and three of them as a trinity represents God. So if 777 is the number of God, then in the number 666, each digit falls short of God, just how Lucifer/Satan does.