Chorus// Sometime is like to hop out of my bed, hop out of my bed, hop out of my bed, sometimes my mom calls me little froggy sue, little froggy sue, here is your black fly soup________ ou ouP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Verse- i like to jump in the water like to swim with the otters, like to soar up in the sky with the birds that fly, im an amphibian but i prefer to be called froggy if u got any questions why dont u ask my mommy.


Verse- i Dont like mattreses i prfer the trees swarming with the bees stinging coyotes. my tongue is very long, it is very strong , watch out flys ur life it wont be long. becuz____________________ im a hunter in the night i _____ dont sleep__ AT NIGHTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT____ nocturnal is my LIFE______Little flys ill be banging on yur door with a flashlight!!! ___ MUHAHAHAHAHEHETEHHE. be bop boo bop bu be bop boo cuz im ____ LITTTLE FROGGY SUEEEEEE SUE BOP BE DO ya