i auditioned to join the classical guitar ensemble today and i got in. only problem...i used my buddies classical to audition with cuz i don't have my own. i can't afford to spend too much money. 200 tops. any suggestions?
the arsonist had oddly shaped feet...
stagg makes a decent sounding classical guitar...definitely not top of the line, but they sound pretty good
Alhambra have some cheaper models.

I have an alhambra that's 10 years old and it costed around 300bucks back then an it realy sounds great.
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I don't like Yamaha guitars. But tha tlooks nice. Solid top too. I dont' know about nato wood.

Yamaha makes great guitars. Also, you probably couldn't tell the difference between Nato and Mahogany unless you have listened and played LOTS of guitars...

+1 to the Alhambra comment, very solid classical guitars. Look at the 5P. Not sure around what price it is but it's definitely a solid starters classical guitar.