Whats the best amp/pedal that has a lot of effects (no specific effects, more important to have loads of different ones than specific ones)

PLUS: Anyone know where I can get an Ampeg Portaflex B-15 (or at least how much they usually sell at)
Google will yield you the info about the ampeg.

Built in effects on an amp usually suck, so don't go near them. Multi FX pedals also don't have great stylings of effects. However, the Boss GT something or other and the Line 6 Bass Pod are great, but expensive.
Check out the Korg AX5B. It will only run you about $50. My only complaint is that the expression pedal is pretty small. If you're willing to pay more, get an AX10B, or a nice Digitech.

EDIT: I saw the AX5B on Musician's Friend not long ago for only about $50, but now i cant find it. The lowest price i could find on google was about $80. Here is an Ebay auction that ends on the 27th, although it is only the pedal (no manual) but honestly the pedal is simple enough to figure out without the manual.
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Good luck with finding a B-15

I've never played a bass multi I thought was worth the money. The Boss ME-50B isn't terrible, but I still think it's a waste of money when you probably won't like most of the effects and you'll end up ditching it for single pedals in the long run if you're serious about effects.