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I absolutely love this band! They are definately a breathe of fresh air in my opinion. When I heard the first album I hoped to dear God that they wouldn't lose their touch for Folklore & Superstition... They did not dissapoint. I'm loving Reverend Wrinkle and The Bitter End right now
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Finally, some love for my homeboys.

****ing love those guys. Their new CD is definitely one of the best I've ever heard.
I've only just heard of them but they sound amazing, I heard "blind man" the other day and I was like "is this real, is this good music?" :P it was insane, I love everything about that band!
I friggin love these guys. I went to get the new album the day it came out. Folklore and superstition is a good album but i dont think its as good as the old one, just my personal opinion. But they are one of the few decent rock bands around these days and hoping to see em live in November.
I saw these guys live when they opened up for Sevendust. They were pretty good, I enjoyed it!
these guys put on such a good show, im getting ready to see them for the 4th time, with theory of a dead man
I think "Drive" could've been a hit had they released it, beautiful song...really dig the soul influence too.
At last. Great band, two great albums, and I've got my ticket to see them in B'ham in December
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Just got myself their latest album, it's brilliant. What would you guys recommend me from them other than that?
Come on, only 13 post on these guys?

oh, and above guy, they only have 2 albums, you have the new one so get the old on, it's better, I much preferr their Self-Titled, much more..... actually, much less ballad-ey, more just straight up hard rock, new one is good too though, I'm just glad they didn't go too commercial on it.
Just bought their album, some good riffs & solos, pretty good band.
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Blind Man is by far my favorite song by them.

Yep, I love that song.

I'm only just getting into them though.
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