Verse- In second grade there was someoned named, Tabatha, the name soothed my ears. Her hair was like the wheat that grew in my pasture , her eyes like my creek , not the one one with algae in it, her skin was tanner than the firewood for the winter, except her skin wasnt rough it was as smooth as my cow luannes butter.her teeth were white as my goats milk fresh it was, this morning.

Chors// Oh tabatha , oh tabatha i will forever play my banjo for you, oh tabatha oh tabatha why did u have to go soooo soon, im not weird im jus curious about your life, im sorry for all those creepy encounters at night, i was jus a child then but now im 2 weeks older soo pleeese understand me...

Verse- In my room i have a picture of you, that i keep safe in my retainer case, a little stenchy it may be but to me your jus as sweet, smelling like my roses in the spring. Your favorite candy is reeses why dont u let my be your pieces to fill that empty spot. BUTTT no, theres johnny that johhny who u like, in my eaye he isnt rite for you, thats where i come in oh sweeet sweet tabatha. you better hurry up becuz time is running up and when it does i have a hatchet in my closet, just kidding its a rubber one ehh . i love you____ tabatha not johnny of course.