I like the funny faces he makes when he plays. He gets so into it.
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He is a genius on the guitar and he still keeps the fun in playing too, I love the guy's playing
I love his videos and have been watching him for over two years. He is awesome.
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Is he on UG? I cant be arsed to look, but he could certainly contribute the site.
Yeah i remember the first video i saw of him playing slayer reigning blood he kept making all these hilarious faces while playing so perfectly.
He uses a line 6 spider II

Very well though i must add
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He has a joke/video teaching a lesson to himself. He tries to teach how to do a sweep on 1 string only. It's hilarious.
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He's awesome, the video when him and Halcyon1871 played together was pretty cool and I love this one;

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I love achokarlos! his instructional videos taught me how to sweep pick (i'm still practising, though). and also, he's a badass player!