well im a noob. first off. i wanna record my guitar through audacity . how do ui even set my guitar up so i can record through it? and how to i even record it? sorry i know nothing
The only way I know how, it by taking a microphone plugged into your computer, pushing record and playing guitar...
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as long as you can get the signal to your computer you can use it.

you can mike it (using amp and mixer/converter)
you can record with a camera and upload to PC then import
you can USB (I do this with my Digitech FX)
you can use a direct line cable (not the greatest) and go 1/4 to 1/8" adapter
you can use a special cable like StealthPlug or Lightsnake with built in sound card
you can use other options i can't think of right now

in other words, Audacity will work with lots of stuff but you have to feed it. You can't just fire it up and press record.

there are tons of FAQs on audacity too both there on dot com and google and such.