Im looking to get three pedals on of which im positive of getting, the Dunlop Crybaby, but i want a distortion pedal and I figured you guys could suggest another pedal. I like the ds-1 but the adaptor costs about 18 bucks so if there is another distortion pedal that i can "Stomp" on, instead of the little button plz tell me.
for distortion, get a pi big muff. and as for another pedal, get a phase shifter of some sort. and good choice on the cry-baby
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what kind of music do you play? how much gain do you need out of this distortion pedal? a delay would be good for the third pedal, maybe a boss dd3 or an mxr carbon copy
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What kind of sound are you going for? The standard Crybaby is really that great of a pedal though with a few mods can be pretty nice. I'd avoid it if you aren't willing to do a bit of soldering. The DS-1 is a so-so distortion box that some people hate and some people like. They tend to be fizzy sounding.
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DS-1 and Big Muff are almost exact opposites so maybe both of them if you like the sound off both.
Chorus, Phaser and Delay would also be good pedals.

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ds-1 sounds fake and very fuzzy. it's cheap for a reason. maybe a metal muff, or just amp distortion should be fine. i just use amp distortion+overdrive pedal, which imo sounds awesome. more awesome than a freakin ds-1. actually, an analogman modded ds-1 is good
and dont worry about power adapters. theres no point in pedals if you're not gonna buy them
i recommend the 1 spot and a daisy chain, which is what i use. (ineed more pedals though..no money.)
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