You know, recently I have been trying to find "∞" using alt codes, but everytime I found a website that said it was "Alt 236", all I get is "ý" (yes, the ∞ was copy-pasted)...
And in the lists where "Alt 236 = ý", it only has from "Alt 32" to "Alt 250", and ∞ isn't there...

So I am asking:
Does anybody know (r know a site that shows) all the alt codes from "Alt 1" to "Alt +∞"?
Or at least to a number where ∞ is present (I do know "Alt 333523" allows symbols, even though some of them are repeated, but I found some +250 that weren't repeated I think)...
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∞, Alt + 236 for me.
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ALT236 works just fine for me... See: ∞

But I only get: ý

I dunno maybe it is my keyboard, but I know some site which said "Alt 236: ý" so there must be a way I can get ∞ right?

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lol im using the black skin so im a loser (according to gonzaws sig)

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alt 236 works for me - ∞
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Look up "html special characters" I think on google. It should come up.

But those are html codes, and it is too complicated to use in the moment...

BUt there are different ASCII tables with different alt codes, I don't know if it is the keyboard layout, or the word processor, or because of the UTF-8 thing, or something...
Start>Programs>Accessories>Tools>Character Map

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Start>Programs>Accessories>Tools>Character Map

I thought about doing something like that...

The "infinity symbol" (cba to go copy it again) is there, but doesn't show any alt code or unicode (as opposed to most symbols there). But there are some symbols that I can reproduce perfectly with alt codes (like ♥ or ♣ for instance) that don't have alt codes in the character map...

Also I read somewhere that it had to do with French computers or something...
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That tells me that ∞ is ALT+236 and ALT+8734
But ALT+236 gives me ý and ALT+8734 gives me ▲

Then this site http://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/char/221e/index.htm says it is also ALT+221E
How the hell do you do ALT+221E?
But I would assume it doesn't apply to my keyboard/whatever since it also states ALT+236..

Also according to that site I can perfectly type ∟ (right angle) but I can't type ∩ nor ∞ nor √ and another bunch of maths symbols

THis is giving me headaches...

EDIT:This site explains how to use the alt+x+shift whatever


But still the ALT+x+221E doesn't work

EDIT2:But another site says that you have to write first 221E (for instance), then highlight it and press Alt and X altogether......

As you can guess, it doesn't work again...


the 221E and then highlight it and press Alt+X works in MS Word....
Useful for maths essays and such, but not for the internet (I would assume it is the fault of firefox)...
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