Im looking for a nicer distorted crunch sound for my bass. Is there a pedal(s) you would reccomend?
Try Searching UG's forum's!

But Untill Then

I would Recomend a Russian Big Muff, Boss Bass Od pedal, or just get a tube amp and put it to 11
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well the reason i had my own post is that i couldnt find the answer i felt i needed. Im playing out of a nice ampeg if that helps anyone.
EHX have a bunch of new Bass pedals coming out soon, check out youtube for some clips. They're called the Bass Big Muff Pi, the Bass Blogger, Steel Leather, and I think there are one or two more.
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Big Muff is hardly a nice distorted crunch, let alone a bass pedal.

What the TS seems to be looking for is an overdrive pedal. This gives 3 options in my mind.

1)Fulltone Bass Drive
2)Sansamp bass DI
3)Get a tube amp and crank it.
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The Lorenzo Hyperdrive pedal by Ashdown is great, I wish I had one tbh, played it for an hour or so

great crunchy tone or pretty good full on distortion, I found it to be more subtle than the Boss ODB-3, and at £60, its a pretty good price!
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The Lorenzo Hyperdrive pedal by Ashdown is great, I wish I had one tbh, played it for an hour or so

They are awesome. For a sound demo check out my profile.
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i have the ashdown drive plus. its not as much of an distortion pedal but an overdrive but its got a really got sound you could also try that..
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Bass PodXT Pro. It's a rackmount but it is amazing. I have one and the quality is extremely high.
To theWallofYAWN, I think in those recordings its just the pedal because it also acts as a DI.
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