In terms of phrasing and melody it's a good. My only complaint is the pause at the key change, you need to fill in the gap. I'd recommend writing a phrase that fits in both keys and just play it repeatedly and change the key of the rhythm guitar while still playing that phrase. The notes A B D and E fit in both keys so you can work something out with that.
thank you for listening and critting. i wrote each part separately then thought they might go good together and they did. so the pause isnt really cause i couldnt come up with anything it's just the way it ended up. i kinda like it but phrasing them together is always an option. thx again
i like the phrasing, and its a good solo. if its meant to just be the solo, it sounds great. otherwise, i would do something more w/ the rhythm, maybe just make it louder. sounds good

as for the key change and guitar, it sounds good but maybe put in a small drum fill or something. I think a 1-bar "1 2 3 4" on the cymbal that starts the gap could sound better. not a real problem with how it is now though. However, the guitar lick that repeats from around :50 through 1:01, it sounds a bit off-beat. its a good lick, it just sounds like you could rerecord a better take.

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thanks man. it's meant to the outro of a song. and yeah i noticed that lick was off too.
It seems a bit off beat at a few points. And due to the gap in between the key change, it sounds like two separate songs.

Sounds nice and clean, though.