I got my ISP Decimator,
I've always put my noise suppressors after my drives, and before delays, chorus, etc.

In the ISP manual it says the noise suppressor should always be last in your chain..

why is that?
To cut the noise that all your pedals create. They actually work best in the loop since it will cut any noise the amp makes as well.
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Because, it it was first, there'd be no noise for it to cut because all it'd be receiving is the clean signal from your guitar.
I always put it after my drives...
But before anything else after.

So I'm guessing ALL my pedals create noise? including delay, chorus, octo, etc...
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So I'm guessing ALL my pedals create noise? including delay, chorus, octo, etc...

Yes, to some degree.
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Actually it should be at the first. Right after the guitar.

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if you have an effects loop try putting it in there, i find it most effective there.
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umm would it affect my tone if i put it after my dirt pedals but before anything else?
cause the pedal has been causing issues on my dry, clean signal.
kindof a spazzy on/off sound.
i'd put it after distortion/overdrive and all modulator pedals after it. i hear they jack up the tone of chorus and phasers, etc
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