So, I'm watching Comedy Central a lot lately. I noticed that on multiple shows are now saying the word "sh*t". What the hell? When did this become acceptable? Isn't "sh*t" up there with "f*ck"? What's going on? Won't crazy conservative ass mothers complain? Discuss!!!

P.S: I checked, and the 'ol search bar came up with nothing.
They've been allowed to say **** for quite a while.

Southpark did a whole episode on it once... It was awesome.

After a certain time they can say whatever they want... Watch some secret stash stand up, its the ****.
After a certain time (11 P.M.) quite a few stations kill most of their censoring. Its perfectly legal, been going on for a while.
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haha, dude, watch any FX origional series, besides the fact that they're all AMAZING, they say **** quit a lot
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the FCC only controls what is considered Broadcast Television and radio, ie anything you can recieve with a tv antenna or radio that isnt satellite. this can change in the future, but for now the only policy i'm aware of is that you can't show nudity or have the "f word" before 10 or 11 pm. outside of this, tv stations have their own policies. THIS is why you can see R-rated moves on HBO at noon without any censorship, and why the Howard Stern channel isnt censored.
**** is something that comes out of EVERYONE's ass. why the hell should it be censored. are we going to censor "Spit" next?
Kinda off topic, but does anyone know why the hell to censor "Asshole" they say ass*beep* instead of *beep*hole?
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Kinda off topic, but does anyone know why the hell to censor "Asshole" they say ass*beep* instead of *beep*hole?

It's because ass might just be in reference to the buttocks or a donkey, but adding hole makes it clear that the intention was to designate the anus.

Oddly enough, they don't censor anus.
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You can see titties in the secret stash on comedy central.

not reaally. i watched the naked mile. it blurrs it. but not enough for it to matter. you can still totally see the nipple perfectl.y
If it was on later in the evening, say around 10:00 or 11:00 PM, then they can get away with it.
I've noticed in the last couple years they have started censoring "God" as well (ie, Goddamnnit is now "***damnit", and when "One" is playing on the radio they censor the "Please God Wake Me" ). Who is really offended by that? It's not like it's always been that way :S

Also, they sensor the "hole" when someone says "asshole" for some reason
i think people are a little to uptight about these things. I really don't like censorship. To quote (loosely) Dee Snider
"The only people who can decide what is appropriate for my children, are me and my wife" That is something i totally agree with.

also, a hearty chuckle @ censoring the hole in asshole
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Won't crazy conservative ass mothers complain?

Im Pretty sure crazy constervitive ass mothers dont watch comedy central
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Yeah **** censorship.
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