Poll: new facebook or old facebook?
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I like the new
10 16%
I like the old
54 84%
Voters: 64.
i cant stand the new one..

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I dont mind the new one ive gotten used to it but the Old one was much better.
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I was going to try a search bar joke but my idea failed...

But i like old.
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New for general use, old for editing. I can't figure out how to edit certain things on new.
The new one sucks.
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I only just got facebook end of last month so I didn't really get used to the old one and then they changed it
i tried the new one for a couple of days and just hated the layout of everything
the old one is much easier to get around
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Old, new one confuses me
Old was better organized
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Old definatly

Searchbar btw

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The new one is awful. I mean, taking away most of the applications from your main page? Ridiculous!

Old old old old old!!!!

...modes and scales are still useless.

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