if i wanted to record myself for an online band type of thing, what would i need and how much would it cost. at the moment, i have an interviewing recorder that works but has bad quality. also, how do you edit and lay tracks over each other? how much will that software cost me?

as you can tell, im a total noob when it comes to electronics and recording.
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You'll a computer obviously. Also, you will need an interface. What an interface does, is convert an analog signal (your guitar output, for instance) and converts it into a digital signal for your computer. Many have built in direct inject features and pre-amps, so you ideally won't need to buy those.
Then you'll need some software on your computer on whic to record the signal (commonly called digital audio workstations or DAW's). Examples are Pro Tools, Cubase, Sonar, Reason, etc... Personally I use Sonar. For your needs, you just need something basic, so I'd recommend Cool Edit Pro. Once you have that installed, you plug your guitar into the interface, plug the interface into your laptop (usually via usb or firewire), arm a track in cool edit, and away you go.
Chances are you won't need anything with more than two inputs, even if you plan on singing while playing. What instruments are you going to play?

Oh, and software to edit can be free. Audacity to master, KRISTAL to lay it down.
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